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We want to share 3 benefits our clients tell us they got from mystery shopping Programs Q1 2018….

  1. Increasing cross sales by getting staff to really believe that the customer needs to understand the other products. (Many staff don’t believe in what they are doing & it comes across to customers)
  2. Identifying changes in language and behaviour to significantly increase conversions and gain new customers. (Actually less work & more business)
  3. Increasing frontline staff motivation by showing them how good their offering is as compared to the competitors (The majority thought they were expensive)
  4. Uncovering regulatory risks that had slipped under the radar – E.G staff giving advice on an information only service. (This puts management on the front foot with their regulators)
  5. Ensuring frontline staff demonstrate the brand values of the organisation and giving them evidential feedback from customers. (This is very powerful in brand-led organisations and it significantly increases revenue)
  6. Giving management a real view of what is happening at the customer-facing part of the business so they can reward appropriately and focus on continuous development.

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